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March 07, 2007



Splenda--pff. I look scornfully in Splenda's direction. I don't think I've eaten anything with Splenda that I liked. It's the only artificial sweetener with my OB's blessing so I keep trying it, but NO GO.

Side by Side

thanks for the heads up...I won't be trying these. lol


It does look nice! But it is like those quotes about sugar coated candies and how it looks on the inside


My dh loves peeps. I think I'll get him the sugar-free ones as a joke now!


I love them! To me they taste just like real peeps! I guess everyone has differnt taste. I gave them to my sister she ate them and I did not tell her they were sugar free,she liked them too a bit of after taste but what sugar free product is missing that?


I love them, they are better than regular peep.
I hope the come out with more things like this for us that can't have sugar.


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